Welcome to the cattery Leinoya. We share our lives with this wonderful breed since 2005, and our first litter was born in 2011.
We live in a small village in the plain of Alsace, 20km from Colmar and 90km from Strasbourg. The cats are part of our family. They gladly participate in everyday life and activities of the house, to our delight.
We raise one litter per year, but make it a point of honor to select cats with nice standard, healthy and balanced character.
Our Norwegians regularly attend shows in France and abroad. Perhaps we shall have the opportunity to meet us there ?
Have a nice visit !

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Grown up Leinoya kittens


It's always a big pleasure to have news and pictures of Leinoya's former babies. Irineo (born in 2013), Jasleen (born in 2014), Leana et Lindora (born in 2015), Mystino et Marinov (born in 2016).




Season's Greetings


Show in Karlsruhe


Last show of the year for us (with cats), on sunday in Karlsruhe (Germany), with our "oldie" Darline again. She got CAPS and nomination !

Show in Raedersheim


This week-end we went on show, only a few km from home in Raedersheim, with SC GIP Darline du Soleil de Minuit*FR. She was both days nominated, on saturday she won the Best in Show !

Show in Altstatten


Darline was on show on saturday in Altstatten (Switzerland). She got CAPS and nomination !

Show in Lausen


We were on show in Lausen with GIC S*Fridalas Capri DVM. Our swedish princess ended her FIFe show career, she is now Supreme Champion ! In addition, she got BIV and NOM on both days, and won Best in Show on sunday !

Show in PLZEN


We have been on show in Plzen (CZ) with SC IP Darline du Soleil de Minuit*FR. She got both days CAGPIB, and on sunday NOM with 1 vote at Best in Show !

Grown up Leinoya kittens


Below, several kittens from our previous litters : Irineo (born in 2013), Jasleen (born in 2014), Leana (born in 2015) and Milava (born in 2016).



We hope to welcome our next litter in autumn. We have plans with Gatina.

Show in zuchwil


Congratulations to Lindora de Leinoya*FR who got the title FIFE International Champion and was nominated on saturday ! Thank you to her owner Anja.

Show in Saint Quentin


We were on show in Saint Quentin (France) with GIC S*Fridalas Capri, DVM. She got both days CACS, on sunday BIV-total and both days Best in Show all votes !

Shows in Herbsheim and Payerne


We were at the show in Herbsheim (France) organized by Cat Club Alsace Franche-Comté, with SC IP Darline du Soleil de Minuit*FR on sunday only. She got CAGPIB.

CH Lindora de Leinoya*FR was also at this show. She got both days CACIB and nomination. And also got BIV on sunday.

A few days later, we have been in Payerne (Switzerland) on sunday April 15th. GIC S*Fridalas Capri DVM got CACS and nomination. She lost BIS for 1 vote !

Grown up Leinoya kittens


Some new pictures of Lavinia, Liliosa, Mystino, Milava, Livenza and Lindora .


Show in Offenburg


We were on show in Offenburg (Germany) with SC IP Darline du Soleil de Minuit*FR. She got both days CAGPIB, and on saturday Best in Show !

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