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SC Imeros de Leinoya*FR, DVM

Norwegian Forest Cat black mackerel tabby and white (NFO n 09 23)

Born on 06.06.2013

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SC S*Fridalas Capri, DVM

Norwegian Forest Cat tortie silver blotched tabby and white (NFO fs 03 22)

Born on 23.05.2014

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IC Gatina Asha de Leinoya*FR

Norwegian Forest Cat black (NFO n)

Born on 26.07.2011

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SC GIP Darline du Soleil de Minuit*FR

Norwegian Forest Cat black and white (NFO n 09)

Born on 12.06.2008

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SP Armoria du Soleil de Minuit*FR, DSM

Norwegian Forest Cat tortie mackerel tabby and white (NFO f 03 23)

Born on 28.05.2005

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In heaven


House cat black and whie (HCS n 09)

Born on 24.02.1999 - Died on 16.08.2011

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